The Give Hope Group was founded by a group of residents of Ongata Rongai in 2001 and registered by the Ministry of Culture and Social Services the same year. We focus on assisting adults and children with disabilities in our area. Our members comprise adults with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities.


Assistance to our adult members has included the training of three young men in mobile phone repair, a profession in which they now earn their living, provision of a knitting machine and training for a blind lady member (tragically now deceased) and provision of tricycles for all our members who required them.


Since we registered the project, we have assisted 84 children: 30 for education, 21 for therapy, 26 for surgery (mainly to correct congenital conditions like clubfootedness), 4 for vocational training/income generation plus 3 others. Currently (in 2016), we are giving therapy to 10 children, following up one surgical case while 12 children are sponsored in special boarding schools (both elementary and secondary schools). Eight of them are deaf, two have physical disabilities, one is blind while one is autistic.

The Way Forward

Our major aim is to acquire a piece of land where we can put up our permanent premises and carry out the following activities:

  • Organizing a day care centre for children with disabilities.
  • Provision of therapy to children.
  • Mobilization of parents of children with disabilities through moral support and information.
  • Offering short training sessions in skills like tie-dye, leatherwork, beadwork, silkscreen printing, tailoring, sign writing, baking, etc. to persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged persons in the community.

Our motto:

“From disability to opportunity”