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Joseph Alukwe

Hi ! My name is Joseph Alukwe and I am blind. I was not born blind, however. At the age of seven, I contracted measles and my sight started to deteriorate. When I was in third grade, it disappeared completely so I had to be transferred to a school for the blind and start all over again in first grade. I continued my studies through high school and attended a trade centre for the blind where I trained as a telephone operator.

I worked as a telephone operator for the government and later on for the Diguna Mission here in Ongata Rongai. We used to participate in crusades and that is how I met Florence, who would become my beloved wife. We are of different ethnic groups and people would ask her why she wanted to marry a blind man of a different tribe. Florence stood firm and we were married in 1996. We were blessed with two sons. One is now in the university and one in high school. (The photo below is of me and one of my sons when we were both much younger.)

Florence was working as a cateress and I had a little business: a kiosk selling basic items like soda, bread and so forth. Life was good: we managed to buy a piece of land and start building our own home. Tragedy struck however at the end of 2013. Florence fell sick and was diagnosed with meningitis. Despite being taken to several hospitals, she could not be saved and passed away on June 28th 2014.

Now that I am all alone I am trying to re-build my life and revive my business which had collapsed during my wife’s illness. Give Hope, of which I am a founder member, and my church are giving me moral support.I have a laptop which is equipped with special software for the blind.I would very much like to exchange ideas with blind and sighted people around the world.