Beatrice Mboone

Hi! My name is Beatrice.

I am a married lady with five children and two grandchildren. I grew up in Western Kenya. I can’t remember the time I was sick with polio since I was only three years old. My first memories are of crawling on the ground and feeling bad because I could not stand up and run around like other children. Someone told my mother about a hospital in Kisumu (on the shores of Lake Victoria) which could help me so, when I was five, she took me there.

Thanks to the operation, I could stand upright and walk short distances with the help of a crutch. I was then able to go to school although I did not go very far. I only reached sixth grade.I am a Founder Member of Give Hope. Before I joined the Group, if I wanted to go a bit far, my husband had to carry me on his bicycle.The Group helped me get one of the special tricycles designed for persons with disabilities. The Group also supports me in my business endeavours.

I have a small kiosk where I sell basic items to people in the area. If I say so myself, I am very talented. I make all sorts of things like bed covers and shawls. I also do beadwork. I only wish I could find a wider market for all the lovely things I know how to make.