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Joseph Kinyanjui

Hi! My name is Joseph Kinyanjui.

I was born in the Nairobi area. At the age of three, I contracted polio. Because of my disability, I went away to a special boarding school and studied up to 12th grade. By then, my family had moved to Kware, Ongata Rongai. After my studies, getting a job was a problem. All my father could offer me was working in his small café where I spent my time over a hot fire frying the triangular mandazi which are so popular with Kenyans.

Some residents in the area informed me they were setting up a Community Based Organization called the Give Hope Group which was planning to focus on disability so we decided to mobilize a group of persons with various disabilities. The first meeting of this group took place in January 2003 and a short time later, I was elected the Chairman.

One burning issue was improving the professional skills of the members. Someone came up with the idea of mobile phone repair. The first member we assisted to take the course was my old friend, Moses. After that, the Group and aGood Samaritan helped me go down to Nairobi and take the mobile phone repair course. Subsequently, Moses and I joined forces and opened our own workshop which operates successfully up to today. Recently, I branched out into the area of website design and hope to have a bright future as a website designer.