Lena Mochere


February 8th 2013 was indeed a sad day for the Give Hope Group. On that day one of our most faithful members, Lena Bochere, was killed in a car crash while traveling to her home area to attend a funeral. Lena was born in Kisii County south of Lake Victoria with normal eyesight.After she finished school, her eyes started troubling her but appropriate treatment was not available there in the rural area. By the time she eventually travelled to Nairobi to seek specialized treatment, it was too late to save her eyesight.

Lena joined the Give Hope Group and we assisted her to attend the Braille classes at the Kenya Society for the Blind where she performed very well. Since making sweaters on a knitting machine is a profession in which the blind can succeed, we managed, thanks to the generosity of one of our donors, to provide her with a machine and to pay for her training on how to use the machine.

Lena was the single mother of two boys and she provided for her small family by knitting and by making detergent soap for sale. It is fortunate that her church has agreed to sponsor her two sons in a boarding school while Lena’s relatives have made arrangements as to where they will spend their school vacations. As for Give Hope, we continue to remember her and in particular the tremendous courage with which she faced her disability. Rest in peace, Lena! We miss you!