Joseph Kinyanjui

We assisted him to do a course in mobile phone repair and sponsored his web design course. Now he works as a mobile phone technician.

Solomon Onunga

We facilitated his mobile phone repair course.Now he runs his own business.

Beatrice Mboone

We provided her with a tricycle and support her business activities. Now she operates a small business and sells handicraft items.

Joseph Alukwe

We supported him in his business and his computer studies. Now he runs his own small business.

George Gitura

We have supported him in his many activities lobbying for persons with disabilities. Now he is a member of the Give Hope Management team and a radio broadcaster.

Faith Nyokabi

We sponsored Faith in high school and for a social work course. We also bought her a computer. Now she is looking for a job.

John Okello

We assist him in his Paralympics activities. Now he continues to play sitting volleyball at the national level and works as an IT technician.

Pacifica Ombwere

We assisted her with surgery and education. Now she works as a social worker in Kajiado town.

Machari Mwangi

We sponsored his education in elementary and high school. He is now a freelance artist.

Moses Kanene

We sponsored his mobile phone repair course. Now he has his own mobile phone workshop.

Andrew Momanyi

We linked him up with the donors who provided a tricycle and payphone. Now he operates his own small business.

The late Lena Bochere

We linked her up with a donor who provided a knitting machine and sponsored her training. Until her death, she was knitting and selling sweaters.