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Solomon Onunga

Hi! My name is Solomon Onunga.

I am a technician specializing in mobile phones and a businessman. I come from Nyanza near Lake Victoria but now live in Ongata Rongai and work in Nairobi. I suffered from polio at the age of one and a half so my first memory is of not being able to walk or stand. My grandmother thought that if I could learn to stand, my legs would gain strength so they dug a hole and kept me in the hole for hours.

Since my parents had abandoned me, various relatives accommodated me but I could not start school. I was saved from this life of suffering at the age of ten and taken to the Nyabondo Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled run by the Catholic Church. After my first operation, I was thrilled to at last walk using crutches but without shoes. I underwent two more operations to be able to wear special correctional shoes and walk more normally with the help of appliances (today a simple walking stick).

I finally started school at the age of twelve! I had learned to read at Nyabondo so joined the third grade. I loved school and was always top of my class in elementary school. After high school, I did temporary jobs but did not have a real career. Things changed in 2004 when I met the owner of a small college training in mobile phone repair and joined the Give Hope Group which helped to facilitate my training.

In 2006, I started my own mobile phone repair business in Ongata Rongai. I later moved to Nairobi where I continue to repair phones and to supply other technicians with electronic items. I am married with two daughters, Stecy and Michelle. I look forward to exchanging ideas with new and old friends around the world.