Kinyanjui is the proud father of a baby boy.

Machari Mwangi is exhibiting and selling his artwork on Google.

Dick graduated from 12th grade at the Rev. Muhoro Secondary School for the Deaf.

Pacifica, whom we have been assisting for many years since her accident, got a job as a social worker in Kajiado town.

Solomon attended a meeting in Kajiado, the county headquarters, to help plan the registration of all persons with disabilities in the county. The registration event took place on March 23rd 2016.

George, Solomon and Andrew participated in the County Paralympics Sports Day. They raced in the wheelchair race.

We have managed to assist all three girls. Janet has gone to Kibos Secondary School for the Blind in Kisumu, Kenya’s port city on Lake Victoria. Irene was admitted to Murang’a Secondary School for the Hearing Impaired and Faith is in 1st grade at the Kitui School for the Deaf.

Three new members joined Give Hope during 2015: Teresia Atieno whose daughter, Janet, is blind; Elizabeth Orese, whose daughter, Irene, is deaf; and Magdalene Ramoya, whose daughter, Faith Shalom, is also deaf. Janet and Irene had finished 8th grade but their families could not afford to send them to high school. Faith, who is eight years old, was attending the special unit of the local primary school but since children with various disabilities are all mixed up in one class, that situation was not conducive.